Carbide-tipped precision circular saw blades

The name WALTER has stood for high-quality carbide tipped saw blades – made in Germany, since 1985. The product spectrum extends from a comprehensive standard product range to customer-specific saw blades in every conceivable design. The diameter range is from 80 to 550 mm. 

Our saw blades are used in wood, plastic, aluminium and steel processing. We process tens of millions of carbide teeth every year.

Standard or customer-specific?

The WALTER company's product range includes standard dimensions (see Product Finder or Download Centre) and many special designs.

We manufactor circular saw blades for the following applications (extract)

> Rip saw blade with chip limiter > Universal table saw blades > Multi-tooth circular table saw blade > Circular table saw blade, thin design > Chop and mitre saw blades > Special face laminate saw blades > Multi-tooth saw blades > Hollow-face circular saw blade inverted V > Panel sizing saw blade for vertical saws > Panel sizing blades for beam saws > Scoring saw blades > Construction saw blade > Super-construction saw blade > Circular saw blades for portable machines > Circular saw blade for non-ferrous metals > Steel circular saw blades and lots more

High precision circular saw blades with carbide tips

We are a German manufacturer of carbide tipped circular saw blades with high quality standards lengthening service life, improving process performance and generating perfect cuts.

Choose from a vast amount of saw blades – or your individual one

As wholesale supplier we do provide saw blades which are constantly produced here in Germany at WALTER. We therefore produce a wide variety of saw blades: From a standardised product up to highly customised saw blades for individual cutting processes. Choose from a diameter range in between 120 and 550 mm and get the saw blade suitable for your cutting material. We offer saw blades suitable for cutting wood, plastics and ferrous as well as non-ferrous metals with different cutting abilities: Cut surprisingly fast, astonishingly precise or get a saw blade that is optimised for both and comes with a long service-life due to high quality carbide tips.

Get in touch with us to find the saw blade for your application!

You want to look into using our saw blades for your products or a circular sawblade for your individual machine? We can provide the most suitable saw blade for you – because we can not only offer high quality mass-produced but also individually manufactured carbide tipped saw blades improving the overall performance of your application by lowering costs due to a long service life and high quality cuts.