Sale: Loop road Akemat B6/F3/U4 + handling AKE Akemat

Maschine data:

  • Machine type: Loop road Akemat B6/F3/U4 + handling
  • Manufacturer: AKE
  • Model: Akemat
  • Year of manufacture: 2001
  • Condition: excellent (used)


The loop road to the grinding of carbide tipped circular saw blades consists of Akemat B6/F3/U4 3 grinding machines complete with handling from left to right continuously. In automatic mode, blades of diameter 220 mm can be processed including 700 mm; in manual mode, saw blades can be ground from 220 mm to 850 mm.

Price and location:

  • Price 29.900 EUR (Starting price)
  • VAT: not reportable
  • Location: Vöhringen, Germany


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