Carbide-tipped circular saw blades - direct from the manufacturer

WALTER offers carbide-tipped circular saw blades with “made in Germany” quality for the entire process chain of the wood and furniture industry – from ripping to panel sizing and finish cutting.
Our economical, high-performance circular saw blades are used nationally and internationally. This includes: Sawmills and planing mills, parquet and laminate manufacturing, solid wood processors and processors of wood and composite materials.
Our product range includes circular saw blades for joinery machines, double cross-cut saws, chop, mitre and cross-cut saws, push-feed saws, splitting machines, moulding machines, multiple-blade machines, rip saws, hand-held saws, table saws, panel sizing saws and CNC processing centres

Circular saw blades for wood are used in high performance cutting applications from cutting small wooden planks at home, cutting plywood panels in a local hardware store and cutting solid wood at the carpenter up to. They are used when a high throughput and high precision straight cuts are needed. That said, circular saw blades for wood must both be robust for a long service life and well designed and manufactured for precise cuts.

Circular saw blades for wood and woodworking

We from WALTER produce circular saw blades for wood both as supplier for wholesale and OEMS. Whilst being able to offer a wide range of different saw blades for woodworking depending on the task, e.g. high speed cutting, precise and clean cutting or an optimisation for both, we also develop special saw blades for wood working on customer’s demand from 30 pieces onwards: Optimised for one individual process delivering the best possible performance in a specific cutting application.

Our R&D and our production plant is located in Germany where we develop our circular carbide tipped saw blade. Made in Germany is a brand we stand for – make sure to experience the difference:

Interested in saw blades for wood?

If you are interested in purchasing and reselling specific saw blades for wood or use them for your product, your tools or your machines as an OEM, feel free to contact us by mail or phone. Of course, we also propose the same for you as a customer with a need for an individually designed set of saw blades with 30 pieces minimum quantity. In both cases we and our high-quality saw blades for wood will lead to a performance boost in your application!