Carbide-tipped circular saw blades directly from the manufacturer

WALTER delivers carbide-tipped circular saw blades with “made in Germany” quality. Our product range for the processing of steel and metals includes a broad spectrum of standard dimensions and applications. Customer-specific special designs are available upon request.

Circular saw blades > Dry-cutter, non-ferrous metals, plastics, sandwich

Type 42 with alternative top bevel and chamfer for steel processing

Wechselzahn mit Wechselfase – WWF

Steel table circular saw blade for cutting pipes and profiles of unalloyed or low-alloy steel as well as brass, copper and aluminium

Type 42 - Steel circular saw blade

Type 44 with triple chip and chamfer for processing sandwich material

Flachzahn mit Wechselfase – FWF

Steel circular saw blade for cutting thin sheet metal, sandwich material, composite materials, structural steel, brass, copper, aluminium, plastics, acrylic sheet, thermosets and thermoplastics

Type 44 - Steel circular saw blade

Type 46 with 3-cut for stainless steel processing


Steel circular saw blade for cutting stainless steel

Type 46 - Steel circular saw blade for processing stainless steel

We develop and manufacture saw blades for steel and other ferrous metals for wholesale and customers with an individual demand: The blade is being manufactured in our factory. It is Made in Germany and so has the most important property this brand does stand for: Quality.

High-quality saw blades for steel: Development and manufacturing

Circular saw blades for steel and ferrous metals are one of the most advanced blades of them all: As steel has a wide range of material properties depending on its type, a universal saw blade for steel must met them all to a certain extent while a blade optimised for a specific steel or steel family is designed after a more narrow range or material properties. In addition to the material, the device the blade is used with and the geometry of the component to cut also need to be taken into account when developing a new blade. We discuss the application the saw blade will be used in with the corresponding customer. With an understanding for the whole system we can provide an optimised blade, be it a high-precision blade, a high-speed-cutting blade, a long-lasting blade or one of the saw blades optimised for several of those variables leaving our factory every day.

Get in touch with us and find a matching saw blade for steel

If you search for a saw blade suitable for your application such as cutting steel but also saw blades for plastics and polymers, saw blades for wood or saw blades for non-ferrous metals, just contact us via mail or phone: We can improve the performance of your cutting-process by providing you an individually optimised blade in all aspects: Service-life and operation costs as well as cut quality, cut precision and cutting speed.