Carbide-tipped circular saw blades directly from the manufacturer

WALTER delivers carbide-tipped circular saw blades with “made in Germany” quality. Our product range for the processing of aluminium and metals includes a broad spectrum of standard dimensions and applications. Customer-specific special designs are available upon request.

Type 38 with triple chip, positive

Trapez-Flachzahn, positiv – TF

Non-ferrous metal saw blade for cutting non-ferrous metals, plastics and Petrina, preferentially on machines with automatic feed

Type 38 - Non-ferrous metal saw blade

Type 40 with triple chip, negative

Trapez-Flachzahn, negativ – TF

Non-ferrous saw blade for cutting non-ferrous metals, plastics and Petrina, preferentially on machines with automatic feed

Type 40 - Non-ferrous metal saw blade

Saw blades for non-ferrous metals such as saw blades for aluminum are needed in metalworking tools such as mitre saws and table saws. They are also needed in special industrial machines for cutting processes. We can provide saw blades for aluminum to wholesale suppliers, OEM and customers with special needs and requirements – e.g. precision saw blades for aluminum.

Circular saw blades for aluminum and non-ferrous metals

At WALTER we produce precision saw blades for aluminum and other non-ferrous metals. The main blade is being cut and tipped in Germany at our production plant. This is why we can manufacture both mass-requested blades for different types of OEM products and individual sets of saw blades for aluminum for special applications. If our quality saw blades do not match your requirements, a set of 30 blades minimum will be designed and manufactured solely optimised for your specific needs, on your demand.

Our customers value our quality, precision and flexibility considering the design, development and manufacturing process: We do offer saw blades for aluminum of highest quality – with passion, tradition and decades of experience as well as modern technology.

Find your ideal saw blade for aluminum

Are you interested in purchasing a specific saw blade for aluminum and other non-ferrous metals you found in our product catalogue? May there be a special need considering your application such as high-speed cutting or a long service-life? If not given, we are able to design a blade optimised in the context of your demand: This way, we can do our part bringing your cutting application to the next level.